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Why Learn Taekwondo?

A popular Korean martial art, Taekwondo combines combat and self-defense techiques with sport and exercise. Physically, it helps develop strength, speed, flexibility, stamina and encourages a positive mental attitude.

“Tae” means to kick or smash with the feet, “Kwon” implies punching or destroying with the hands or fists and “Do” refers to the art or the way. Hence, taekwondo, a Korean phraseology, literally means the art of foot and hand fighting. “The way” indicates not only the physical but also the spiritual aspect of this form of martial art.

JeongIn Taekwondo

Mr Kwon Won Kook graduated from Yong In University which prides its traditions for having been graced by former U.S. President Mr Bill Clinton for a Taekwondo demonstration Mr Kwon’s ability to impart his knowledge on this popular martial art form in a simple yet interesting manner embraces him to both children and adults. He is able to encourage his students to experience Taekwondo to the fullest, and to return each time to better themselves in the company of their peers.

Profile of Master. Kwon Wonkook

- Taekwondo Black Belt 6th Dan – Kukiwon
- Yongmoodo Black Belt 4th Dan – Yongmoodo Association
- Judo Black Belt 2nd Dan – Korea Judo Association
- Hapkido Black Belt 1st Dan – Korea Hapkido Association
- Taekwondo Belt Testing Member of Busan Taekwondo Association, Korea
- Taekwondo Game Instructor Licence
- Taekwondo Referee Licence
- Taekwondo Instructor Licence (Everyday Life Sports)
- Youth Sports Instructor Licence
- Chiropratic Instructor Licence
- Sports Massage Instructor Licence

Principal / Master
Mr. Kwon Wonkook

Profile of Master. Lee Kihwan

- Taekwondo Black Belt 5th Dan - Kukiwon
- Taekwondo Master Certificate of Qualification - Kukiwon
- Graduated from KyungHee University - Taekwondo Bachelor's Degree
- LAOS Louangprabang Taekwondo Team Foundation - Supported by Korea Government
- Kukkiwon Taekwondo Demonstration Team Member (2010)

Principal / Master @ BUONA VISTA
Mr. Lee Kihwan