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Schedules @ ANG MO KIO

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TEL: +65 6354 3143


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TOTS 4 ~ 6 Years old
7 ~ 12 Years old
TEENS 13 ~ 17 Years old
ADULTS 18 Years old & Above

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Friday - 2PM to 9:30PM
Weekend - 9AM to 7:30PM
Closed on Monday, Public Holidays & STF grading
Please check the notice board or with the counter for such events.

Taekwondo for Tots (4-6 years old)

At Yong In, we specially tailor lessons to stimulate the young and hyperactive minds. Young children benefit from these classes by developing psychomotor skills and achieving stronger bodies and characters through active participation in our fun classes.

Aim: To nurture, develop and prepare the young children to grow up as healthy and self-confident individuals.

Taekwondo for Kids (7-12 years old)

At this stage, classes are fun, challenging and goal-oriented. Children learn the importance of confidence and maintaining a positive attitude while trying to achieve their goals. Values such as diligence, discipline and perservance are inculcated, and children are encouraged to push their limits under the guidance of our inspiring and passionate instructors.

Aim: Focus on character education of the child while learning self-defense techniques.

Taekwondo for Teens (13-17 years old)

Specially tailored for the adolescent years, Yong In Taekwondo’s Teen classes are structured to enable teens to train together in an enjoyable and social environment. With the guidance from our team of expert instructors, teens are challenged to exceed their own expectations.

Aim: Allow teens healthy room for expression while inculcating discipline and nurturing their strength.

Taekwondo for Adults

Lessons at this stage are designed for people of all ages. Aimed at helping our students develop better strength, flexibility and mental agility, lessons include the learning of traditional Taekwondo kicks, punches, drills, as well as self defense techniques.
In addition to sharper reflexes, better self-control and discipline, lessons at this stage also consist of a total cardio and strength training, making it a fantastic way to relieve stress through the strenuous physical activity.

Aim: Improve overall well-being through physical and mental exercise while learning self-defense.